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Peace Talks (Dresden Files Book 16) Sneak Peek / Spoilers Dresden Files Film Updated News

Dresden Files book 16
Last Updated: January 16, 2020

Here's what we know:

Title: Peace Talks

Release Date: July 14, 2020 !!!!!!!!

Pre Order Available for Handcover, kindle and audio.
First/Opening Line: February 3rd, 2015 Jim released the first sentence of Peace Talks via Twitter for our speculation and torment.

Synopsis: While it's early to get a real synopsis, Jim has let the following information out over the past year and a half.

"A summit of the world's supernatural powers is being held to try to establish some sort of equilibrium and to get everything settled down in the wake of the vanishing of the red court. And I'm pretty sure everyone's going to sit down and have a nice cup of tea, there'll be a talk, and walk away holding hands." Question and Answer he did in Seattle on May 30th (2014)*

"Peace Talks is all about the various signitories of the Unseely accords are having a convocation in Chicago to try and work out a way to settle down all the discourd that's been happening due to the formor seizing power in the vacuum left behind by the Red Court. So I believe what's going to happen is they're all going to get together, they'll have a nice dinner, they'll hash things out, and then have a couple of beers and sing some songs and everything will be fine. Cause I, you know I want to surprise everybody, so everybody's just looking for it to explode and so on."
SF Bokhandeln Signing - Stockholm (April 11, 2015)

Book Begins: Three months after end of Skin Game and MAGGIE'S LIVING WITH HIM! 
During his Q&A at Dragon Con (August 2014) Jim said, 

"The next book will take place pretty much not too long after the end of this previous one. Normally, there's more or less a year in between them because there's more or less a year in between them and it's just simpler for me, but this one will be, I think there's only - only about three months have gone by. We'll start it in the middle of the next Summer where, you know, Harry is living with his daughter and trying to be a dad while all of this stuff goes down. On the other hand, Maggie does have this big dog and if you want to mess with Maggie you've got to get through the big dog."

The new Spirit of Intellect:

- Her name is Bonea and her nickname is Bonnie (Reddit Q&A September 22. 2015):

- Regarding her knowledge (B&N Q&A in Skokie October 1, 2015)

"The problem with Bonnie is not that she knows a lot, it's that she doesn't know how to apply anything. Like she can tell you all about green and how many nano-meters the wavelength of light that the color green is and so on but she doesn't understand that grass is green yet because she hasn't seen it."

Jim then game a spoiler warning for the first couple chapters. Skip the following quote if you don't want detailed spoilers.

"Harry comes home and Bonnie and Maggie are in the kitchen making pancakes because Bonnie's informed her that she knows 217 recipes for pancakes and the ingredients that they have make 17 of them possible. And so they're trying to make pancakes from this but they don't really know how to tell when it's time to flip the pancake over. You wait till it's golden brown. How do you know when it's golden and brown? It's on the pan. It looks white from here. Harry gets to walk in and Bonnie gets to turn around and say, "pancakes are inanimate!" very excitedly because she just figured out that they're inanimate objects. Bonnie's got a long way to go before she'll be anything but she's where Bob started."

Also at the October 1st Q&A Jim was asked if Harry was going to allow Bob any role in raising Bonnie. His response:

"No, Harry's going to have that Dad with shotgun talk with Bob, really is what it amounts to. But anyway you'll see more of that in the book. We start out early with Bonnie."

Regarding Murphy:

"This book is only set a couple of months after the end of the previous one. So, you know, Murphy is still undergoing surgeries and so on to get fixed because when you get, when you get hurt like that it takes a long time to get better. You know, when you're not some kind of superhuman I work for Queen Mab living punching bag."  Jim Butcher on April 11, 2015 at Science Fiction Bokhandeln signing in Stockholm.

More Molly: During the Reddit Q&A Jim also remarked that we would see a little of how Molly was coping with being the Winter Lady in Skin Game, but we would get more in book 16.

Ebenezar/Thomas: November 2014, Jim did an interview on the Once and Future podcast where he was asked "Does Ebenezar know Thomas and Harry are siblings?"

Jim's answer: "Sort of. He's kind of in denial about it. We'll get to see some of that in the next book."

So that should be all kinds of fun. :-)

Ivy & Kincade: When asked when we will see more of Ivy and Kincade (Skokie B&N October 1, 2015) Jim responded, "We'll see more of them next book."

White Council & Awesome Fights:

 "We'll get to see the White Council getting involved with things again. So we'll have them on stage. And I'm gonna get to do a bunch of fights I've been longing to write since I first started the series so that's gonna be fun." Jim Butcher (April 11, 2015) at SF Bokhandeln signing - Stockholm.

Georgia/More of the local Chicago Crew/and Property Damage: May 2014 during a Q&A at Wyrd Con 5 Jim was asked "What happened to Georgia, how come she seems to have disappeared?"

Jim's reply: "Georgia is baby crazy. Because she's, because, okay if you are a new parent or if you've ever been a parent, that first year, or two, or three you are baby crazy. You may not know it while you're there, but all your friends know. Because the child has-is driving you insain. Because the child has more endurance than you do. Tell me I'm wrong."

(The audience assured him that he wasn't)

"So really right now Georgia is very busy trying to keep up with her little girl and still working on her doctorate."

(Audience member asks if the little girl has a name)

"No, I haven't named her yet. We'll have to get into that. There's going to be, more of the local crew will be showing up in the next book. Cause everything's going to be happening in Chicago and there'll be lots of property damage."

Conclusion: We are looking at some supernaturally violent peace talks during which we will see more of Ebenezar, the local Chicago crew, Molly, Maggie (I'm assuming by extension Mouse) and Harry trying to be a dad. And apparently these "peace talks" will be accompanied by property damage.

Sounds like fun!

Have you heard something more from Jim? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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Dresden Files Film News

Well, the series has been optioned again! No, this doesn't mean anything for certain, but it is the first important step. Butcher addressed this at the Seattle Q&A as well. See quote below*.

"This is what I can say: The option is-has been sold again. It has been, has been, yeah I've leased it out again. It's to a major production company who's name I'm not at liberty to share with you, but who's movie probably 90% of the people in this room have seen this Summer already and hopefully, there will be something that comes of it. There has been interest expressed by at least one production company in actually picking it up. I don't know if anything will happen with it but it might. It's Hollywood so nothing's certain until the check is cleared. Just getting the check isn't good enough - it's got to clear. But, I mean hopefully, we'll see something. I think it would, really it would be best as a feature production series - Game of Throne style. I think that's how it would be best but certainly movies are also a possibility. I don't have anything concrete yet, when I do - I will be crowing about it."

*Please note that these quotes are my best attempt to reiterate what Jim said from the video recording. If you notice inaccuracies, please let me know so that they can be corrected.

 Complete Dresden Files Series

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  4. In the "Complete Dresden Files Series" list you forgot:
    0.5 Welcome to the Jungle
    8.5 Down Town
    And Brief Cases (the second anthology of short stories which I don't know when it will be published exactly)
    Also Jim mentioned a couple of times that there will be more 24-ish case files books before the big apocalyptical trilogy ending as change occurred further than originally anticipated.

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