Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Book Review: Shattered (Iron Druid, Book 7), by Kevin Hearne

Shattered (Iron Druid Chronicles, Book 7)
By: Kevin Hearne
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With Atticus absorbed with his arc Druid, and Gronuwaile on a mission to save her father, it doesn't seem like a good time for that elusive enemy in Tir na nOg to stir up trouble . . . Too bad he/she didn't get that message.

Shattered, the seventh book in the Iron Druid Chronicles, brings us a new (third) narrator rich in profanity and humor. The additional point of view slows the pacing a bit and the split storyline(s) - two to three - results in a somewhat more jumbled whole, but I doubt serious fans of the series will mind too much, especially when weighed against all the new revelations dished out with a helping of impending doom.

The Iron Druid Chronicles is an adult urban fantasy rich in a diverse selection of mythology with this novel delving into myths from India.

Shattered includes:
  • Full nudity (male and female)
  • References to arousal being unintentionally and clearly evident during puberty
  • Sex implied
  • Band named Lazer Vaginas
  • Killing
  • Injuries (broken bones referenced and blood)
  • Language: d*mn, sh*t, sh*te, *ss, variants of F word, b*llsh*t, b*llsy
  • Reference to person burned alive
  • Witchcraft
  • Possession of individuals by evil things
  • Conversation about people being eaten
  • Exploding body (somewhat gruesome)

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