Friday, January 12, 2018

Book Review: There Will Be Lies, by Nick Lake

There Will Be Lies
By: Nick Lake
ISBN-10: 1619634406
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Shelby is deaf, but she has always been able to sense that something is off about her quiet, reserved life with her mother. When her mom suddenly takes her on an unexpected road trip through the Grand Canyon, Shelby begins learning all kinds of secrets about the life she thought she knew so well.

It contains:

• Profanity (fricking, p*ssed, h*ll, *ss, and b*tch)
• Violence (stabbing a hand with a knife, a character is ordered to eat a human heart, wielding a shotgun, and chase scenes)
• Shelby has a crush on a boy
• Shelby’s mother flirts with a man and it is suggested that they have sex in a hotel room
• The main character smokes cigarettes
• An adult drinks

There Will Be Lies is part contemporary, part magical realism, and part mystery thriller. Shelby is a funny and relatable narrator, and there’s enough action to keep readers interested.

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