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Book Review: Seventh Grave and No Body (Charley Davidson, book 7), by Darynda Jones

Seventh Grave and No Body (Charley Davidson, book 7)
By: Darynda Jones
ISBN: 1250045649
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When a slew of possible suicides comes to her attention, Charley goes racing around town in search of a connection. But she quickly discovers that going about business as usual with both Reyes and a dozen indestructible Hell Hounds in tow is a lot easier said than done.

Seventh Grave and No Body, is filled with relationship woes, self discovery, and blurry predictions about the future as Charley, our friendly neighborhood grim reaper, comes even further into her powers. This is the seventh book in the Charley Davidson series and picks up shortly after the conclusion of Sixth Grave on the Edge. Fans of the series with find the pacing and humor seen in the prior books well intact in this installment.

Note: Print Editions include an extra chapter from Reyes' point of view at the end.

Seventh Grave and No Body contains:
  • Profanity (Cr*p, Ass, fuck, damn)
  • References to past suicides
  • Lust
  • Much admiring of butts
  • Killing
  • Injuries (blood,
  • Sex scene involving bondage and pain
  • Oral sex (detailed)
  • Discussion about the size and appearance of a man's private area

The Charley Davidson Series:
  • Book 1: First Grave on the Right (Review)
  • Novella 1.5: For I Have Sinned
  • Book 2: Second Grave on the Left (Review)
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  • Book 5: Fifth Grave Past the Light (Review)
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  • Book 7: Seventh Grave and No Body (Review)
  • Book 8: Eighth Grave After Dark (Review)
  • Novella 8.5: Brighter Than the Sun (Review)
  • Book 9: The Dirt on Ninth Grave
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  • Book 11: Untitled

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