Friday, December 15, 2017

Book Review: Landline, by Rainbow Rowell

landline by rainbow rowell book cover image large hd hq new release adult romance fantasy
By: Rainbow Rowell
ISBN-10: 1250049377
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Georgie’s marriage is already on the rocks when she suddenly has to choose between a work offer and going to Omaha for Christmas with her family. The magic phone in her childhood bedroom doesn’t help clear her whirling mind either, when she is suddenly able call her husband, Neal, from twenty years in the past.

Landline is an adult contemporary romance with a fantasy twist. It can be read by young adults, although it does contain lots of cussing (many F-words), adult sexual dialogue, a homosexual character, making out, an animal birthing scene, and a flashback to Georgie giving birth.

The characters in this novel are refreshingly hilarious, and if you like fluffy chick lit books or enjoyed Rainbow Rowell’s other published works, you shouldn’t have a problem with Landline. You may be able to figure out some parts of the plot before Georgie does, but the comical dialogue and page turning chapters make up for it.

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