Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Book Review: Under a Painted Sky, by Stacey Lee

Under a Painted Sky
By: Stacey Lee
ISBN-10: 0399168036
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Samantha and Annamae are both running from the law: Samantha because she killed a man, and Annamae because she’s a runaway slave. The girls decide the best thing to do is stick together until they can make it to California, where they’ll be free, and to make their Chinese and African identities less conspicuous, they disguise themselves as boys.

It includes:

• Minor profanity (d*mn, h*ll, nuts, wh*re, and racial insults)
• Attempted rape
• Violence (a couple murders, shooting, injuries, and violent deaths)
• Kissing
• Coming upon two people making out heavily
• Vague references to past sexual activity
• Nudity (three cowboys strip down and sing “Yankee Doodle;” the scene is meant to be humorous)
• People drink wine; one of the main characters also gets drunk after drinking hard cider

Under a Painted Sky wonderfully portrays humor, adventure, and the unfair treatment toward people of color in the 1800’s.

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