Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Book Review: The Tenants of Building 38: An Anthology, by Sophia Olson

The Tenants of Building 38: An Anthology by Sophia Olson book cover image front large hd high definition high quality hq (Goodreads Author), Jeffrey Kenworthy, Marie Martinez (Goodreads Author), Meece Avris, Kelly Prososki (Goodreads Author), Emmie Engqvist, Alda Morkore Nielsdottir (Goodreads Author), MaKayla Decker (Goodreads Author) , Keisha Biddle (Goodreads Author), Gabriela Tinglund (Goodreads Author), Anna Bridges (Goodreads Author), Airiel Hawkins (Goodreads Author), Ashley Detoledo (Goodreads Author), Laney Smith (Goodreads Author), Andrea Mujunen, Kitty Limon, Laurie Stacey, Twyla Rose, Andrea M. Mouser, horror book ya young adult na new adult self published indie aspiring authors independent novel anthology collection group short stories romance contemporary sex volume paranormal fantasy creepy cancer support group good cause contemporary
The Tenants of Building 38: An Anthology
Edited by: Sophia Olson
ISBN-10: 1503171388
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In a single apartment building, each tenant has their own story to tell, whether it’s detectives trying to solve mysterious murders, strange, dangerous creatures roaming the night, or young women moving into their new apartment and falling in love with the dashing young man in the room down the hall.

This is a collection of thirty-eight stories by various authors. The genres are widely ranged, though most of the stories contain either a horror or romance aspect, and there are many cameo appearances from characters in different stories.

Altogether the stories contain:

• Profanity (F-word, sh*t, misusing God’s name, d*mn, h*ll)
• Kissing
• A few of the stories contain graphic, lengthy sex scenes
• Violence (murders, blood coming out of faucets, cannibalism, ghosts and other paranormal creatures, reference to a daughter dying from cancer, hunting dangerous, mythical beasts, reference to committing crimes and being sent to prison, some very gory details)
• Drinking
• Reference to porn and masturbation
• One character is a vampire and drinks people’s blood
• Some frightening instances
• A man cheats on his wife
• A character has an anorexic disorder
• Reference to a kidnapper
• Obsessing over and stalking someone

The Tenants of Building 38 is a cross between the young adult and new adult genre. It should be suitable for older teens and adults to read, and the stories are all enthralling in their own way, though readers should be warned that it does include a lot of inappropriate content.

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