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Book Review: Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, Book 1), By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, book 1)
By: Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN: 0312599072
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Nick has simple goals in life: Survive highschool, make lots of money, move his mom and himself out of the dump they live in. He doesn't believe in Santa Clause  or the Tooth Fairy, but when the highschool's Football team starts eating people, Nick discovers that surviving a mob of zombies may require acknowledging the paranormal exists - and he's part of it.

Infinity is the first book in the Chronicles of Nick series - one of several series in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Universe. Infinity deals strongly with fears of becoming just like a negative parental figure, feelings of worthlessness, desires for revenge, and the harsh aspects of poverty. The fast moving plot provides a satisfying ending while setting up ample players, twists, and mysteries for exploration through the rest of the series.

Infinity is a young adult paranormal/urban fantasy told from the perspective of a teen boy who is very interested in getting a girlfriend and being physically intimate. The text strongly represents these facts in his thoughts, the way he describes females he meets, and his comments throughout.

Infinity also Contains:
  • Use of magic/spells
  • References to ancient Greek deities
  • Zombies, Shapeshifters, Vampires, soul devouring creatures.
  • Law Breaking
  • Language (Sh*t, cr*p, Bullsh*t, bullcr*p)
  • Name calling: e.g. Goober, punk, butt, cross dressing freak, jerk weed
  • Extensive sarcasm
  • Couple kisses (cheek and mouth - mentioned, not detailed) 
  • References to being a virgin and not wanting to remain that way. 
  • Mental drooling over females and references to breasts.
  • Sexual assault mentioned playfully several times (teen embarrassed by parent's hugs etc)
  • Several characters are strippers/dancers, there are references to what they do, how they are viewed by others, and others commenting on their assets. Taunting of a loved one of a stripper about seeing said assets.
  • Bullying 
  • cannibalism
  • Injuries (includes: references to arm missing flesh to the bone, gun shot wound)
  • Tasering and use of various weapons.
  • Physically abusive parent mentioned briefly.

Chronicles of Nick:
  • #1 Infinity
  • #2 Invincible  
  • #3 Infamous
  • #4 Inferno
  • #5 Illusion
  • #6 Instinct
  • #7 Invision
  • #8 Intensity
  • #9 Untitled (exp pub 2018)
  • #10 Untitled (exp pub 2019)
  • #11 Untitled (exp pub 2020)
  • #12 Untitled (exp pub 2021)
  • #13 Untitled (exp pub 2022)
  • #14 Untitled (exp pub 2023)
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