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Clean Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles, Book 1), By Ilona Andrews

Clean Sweep (Innkeeper, Book 1)
By: Ilona Andrews
ISBN: 1494388588
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When something unnatural starts killing dogs in her neighborhood, Dina decides to abandon her neutrality (as the innkeeper of a magical inn) and put a stop to it before the killings escalate. Unfortunately, that decision could come back to haunt her in some serious ways and even with her magical abilities this foe might be more than she can take on her own.

Clean Sweep is the first book in an adult Urban Fantasy/Science Fiction series, where Earth is a little fish to the Universe's big ocean and most people don't know there's magic right next door let alone galaxies full of other races they could never dream exist. At first glance the story and setting seem uninteresting, an innkeeper in an inn, but the unique universe, characters, and setting (as time reveals) make this story and plot much more than it appears. Readers can expect plenty of action, unexpected developments, and a small side of Romance. Clean Sweep is very clean (lighter on the gruesome, profanity, and sexuality) in comparison to other Ilona Andrews series.

Publication Note: The Innkeeper Chronicles is self published. Ilona Andrews has several other traditionally published series (Kate Daniels, The Edge, Legacy, etc), but chose to self publish this series. The books go through beta readers and an editor before publication resulting in a very high quality product.

The Edge Cameo: Fans of Ilona Andrew's The Edge series should enjoy a brief cameo of two characters - This cameo is clearly many years after Steel's Edge (The Edge, Book 4).

Clean Sweep Includes:
  • A kiss
  • Musings about a man's equipment, the potential size of said equipment
  • Full nudity mentioned without detail
  • Suggestive teasing
  • Grown man discreetly urinating on various individuals land/yards
  • Intoxication
  • Use of magic
  • Profanity: B*llsh*t, d*mn it, smart *ss, Jesus (could be seen as supplication or curse in context) 
  • Mutilated animal bodies alluded too
  • Injuries (references to blood)
  • Dead bodies (not particularly detailed)
  • Killing (unpleasant, but not super gruesome)
Innkeeper Chronicles
  1. Clean Sweep
  2. Sweep in Peace 
  3. One Fell Sweep

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