Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book Review: BZRK (BZRK, Book 1), by Michael Grant

BZRK (BZRK, book 1)
By: Michael Grant
ISBN-10: 1606844180
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Biots, or microscopic mind-controlling robots, are the new rage in a futuristic world based on today’s society, and two teams, one called the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation and the other BZRK, are head-to-head in the battle of trying to conquer the latest technology and defeat each other.

This is a young adult book that includes the following:

• Profanity (many renditions of the F-word throughout)
• A couple of un-descriptive sex scenes
• Violence (a smashed brain, killing, shooting, chase scenes, and blood)
• Physical and mental rape (a man forces a woman to have sex with him by controlling her mind)
• Icky, microscopic descriptions of human bodies (slightly disturbing)
• Drinking and smoking

BZRK is full of extreme language, with the F-word on nearly every page, lots of gross, closeup descriptions, and plenty of violence. I would definitely not recommend it for younger readers.

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  1. Totally True I read the book it is not appropriate for Kids under 13


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