Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Book Review: Nevermore (Maximum Ride, Book 8), By James Patterson

Book Review: Nevermore (Maximum Ride, Book 8), By James Patterson
By: James Patterson
ISBN: 0316101842
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Many things are not what they seem.

Max's life has finally mellowed out, but a new movement is cropping up all over the place.

Its goal: To kill Fang.

Nevermore brings the Maximum Ride series to it's end with an unforeseen conclusion. Enough questions are answered to allow for an ending, but a great deal is left without satisfactory resolution. Much of the content, plot and interpersonal strife seems redundant of earlier books, only in this book they are actually resolved.

This story deals with some feelings of betrayal and loss, and contains:
  • death
  • killing
  • injuries
  • torture/medical experimentation on a child
  • use of the word cra*
  • references to making out (kissing, hands on bodies, legs intertwined)
  • destruction of public property (without necesity)
  • casual references to stealing without justification or guilt

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  1. I think sometimes authors pump out books too quickly and leave us wanting more.
    sherry @ fundinmental


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