Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Book Review: Inkheart (Inkworld Trilogy, Book 1), by Cornelia Funke

By: Cornelia Funke
ISBN-10: 0439709105
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Meggie’s father Mo has a job mending books and they live a happy, quiet life together, always on the move from one place to the next. But when they’re captured and brought to a castle with strange-looking creatures, Meggie learns a secret her father has been hiding that has to do with the disappearance of her mother.

It contains:

• Mild profanity (h*ll, d*mn, bloody, *ss, God)
• Violence (people are held hostage, sword fighting, some bad guys might be scary to younger readers, a villain is killed)
• Farid has a crush on Meggie
• Some villains have tattoos and piercings

Inkheart is the first book in a rich, lengthy middle grade fantasy trilogy. The story is told through many point of views, and the plot is absorbing. Inkheart is a great read for fantasy fans and book-loving tweens.

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  1. Inkheart has to be the most beautiful, eye-catching cover I have ever seen. Unforgettabl!


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