Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Book Review: Finnikin of the Rock (The Lumatere Chronicles, Book 1), by Melina Marchetta

Finnikin of the Rock (The Lumatere Chronicles, book 1)
By: Melina Marchetta
ISBN-10: ISBN-10: 0763643610
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Finnikin, his guardian Sir Topher, a young novice named Evanjalin, and a thieving boy, Froi, all set off on a journey to Lumatere, the ravished kingdom that is in desperate need of a new ruler.

It contains:

• Sexual references
• Someone has sex with a prostitute (the scenes cuts off before anything happens)
• A married couple has sex in a tent and other characters can hear them
• Kissing
• References to past sexual activity
• Physical attraction
• Attempted rape
• Descriptions of a past massacre
• Drinking
• Minor profanity

Finnikin of the Rock is a moderately-paced first book in a young adult fantasy trilogy. It should be appropriate for mature teen readers.

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