Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Book Review: Two Ravens and One Crow (Iron Druid Chronicles, Book 4.5) by Kevin Hearne

Two Ravens and One Crow (Iron Druid Chronicles, Book 4.5)
By: Kevin Hearne
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When the crow goddess took Atticus off to get his healing tattoo repaired, he believed the Morrigan was the most dangerous thing he'd face. That was before she announced their dinner out with Norse gods - gods with a laundry list of good reasons to want him dead.

Two Ravens and One Crow is a short story set roughly six year after the events of Tricked (Iron Druid Chronicles, book 4). The story fills in some events briefly alluded to in the following book(s) and provides some key background information for Atticus' life prior to the events of Hounded.

It is not necessary to read Two Ravens and One Crow before reading Trapped.

It contains:
  • References to aroused male physiology
  • References to orgasm & ejaculation
  • Full male and female nudity
  • Sexual innuendos 
  • Magically forced Sex/rape (floor play seen, actual event off camera)
  • References to mistresses, casual sex partners and booty calls
  • Mutilation
  • Killing & premeditation of murder
  • Language includes sh*t, *ss h*le
  • Injuries: Bullet wound, blood, references to someone being torn apart

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