Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Book Review: How to Save a Life, by Sara Zarr

How to Save a Life
By: Sara Zarr
ISBN-10: 0316036064
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Mandy is a pregnant eighteen-year-old who comes to live with Jill, a high school student, and her mother. Jill’s mother plans to adopt Mandy’s unborn baby, and at first Jill hates the idea of a stranger moving in with them, but as she gets to know Mandy and learns some disturbing information about her past, she finds sympathy for the girl and is able to relate her sorrow with the recent death of her father.

How to Save a Life is told through Mandy and Jill’s point of views, and is a subtly emotional and heartfelt story. However, it is a young adult book and contains the following inappropriate content:

• Profanity (one or two F-words, sh*t, and cr*p)
• A flashback scene of having sex with a stranger in a field
• References to rape
• References to drinking, being hungover, and smoking cigars
• References to a boyfriend and girlfriend having had sex
• A girl mentions getting a tattoo

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