Thursday, October 20, 2016

Book Review: Lips Touch: Three Times, by Laini Taylor

Lips Touch: Three Times
By: Laini Taylor
ISBN-10: 0545055857
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Goblin Fruit

Kizzy falls in love with a beautiful young man who is a new student at her school, but she can’t help remembering her grandmother’s warnings about goblin men coming to temp young girls to steal their souls.

Spicy Little Curses

Anamique has been cursed by a demon since she was an infant to have the most beautiful voice in the world, but also to have the power to destroy any who hears her voice. What will happen when Anamique falls in love and wants nothing more than for her new husband to hear her voice?


Esme’s history might be a little more complicated than she thought. Suddenly her mother feels like a stranger, a world she’s never heard of before is introduced to her, and men with wolflike fangs are chasing her.

Lips Touch: Three Times is a beautifully written collection of three fairytales. Each of the stories revolve around a kiss that effects the story in a unique way. The book is also full of artwork by the author’s husband.

As a whole, the stories contain:

• Kissing
• A sex scene between a married couple (vaguely written)
• Demons take over children’s bodies and force them to have sex and conceive a child
• Physical attraction
• Drawings of nude characters (no breasts or private areas are visible)
• One character visits Hell to rescue her husband
• Violence (goblins steal souls, a demon trades the lives of adults for babies, a dangerous curse is placed on a girl, deaths, children are kept as pets, a cat is fed to a bridge troll, some scary descriptions of monsters)
• Profanity (h*ll, d*mn, b*stard, *ss, b*tch)
• A teenage girl smokes cigarettes and drinks wine

Readers who enjoyed Lips Touch: Three Times might also like Plain Kate, by Erin Bow.

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