Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Book Review: Bound by Flames (Night Prince, book 3), by Jeaniene Frost

Bound by Flames (Night Prince, book 3)
By: Jeaniene Frost
ISBN: 0062076086
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As the war with their greatest enemy begins hitting much closer to home, Leila is left wondering if she'll be around to see the outcome. Will even Vlad's abilities be enough to keep them both safe? 

Bound by Flames is decidedly darker than its two predecessors. The story deals with themes of control, forgiveness, and mercy.

Bound by Flames is an adult, paranormal romance and contains:
  • Profanity (Sh*t, f word, wh*re, etc) 
  • References to someone skinned alive 
  • Rape like situations 
  • References to child rape 
  • Reference to murder of baby  
  • Various burnings of living people  
  • Death, injury and torture 
  • Sex scenes (oral sex included)

Readers working their way chronologically through the Night Huntress Universe books will appreciate the post Up From the Grave cameo of Cat and Bones. 

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