Friday, August 5, 2016

Book Review: Living Dead Girl, by Elizabeth Scott

Living Dead Girl
By: Elizabeth Scott
ISBN-10: 1416960597
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A girl is kidnapped when she is just ten years old by middle-aged Ray, who renames her Alice. Five years later Ray is still sexually and mentally abusing Alice, and he keeps her in line by threatening to kill her family. Alice dreams of the day she might escape Ray . . . until one day she begins to form a plan.

It includes:

• Kidnapping
• A man plans to kidnap a young girl
• A teen girl is forced to have sex with an older man against her will (some description)
• A teen girl’s food is rationed against her will and she is very hungry
• A teen girl performs oral sex on a teen boy
• Profanity (including the F-word)
• A teen girl gets her private area waxed
• Violent behavior
• Death threats
• A character’s arm is cut
• Lying
• Death

Living Dead Girl is an extremely depressing, disturbing, and realistic take on child kidnapping. The book is hard to put down and a quick read, even though the main theme is hard to handle and might make some readers squeamish.

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