Monday, August 15, 2016

Book Review: Hunger (Gone Series, Book 2), by Michael Grant

Hunger (Gone Series, book 2)
By: Michael Grant
ISBN-10: 0061449067
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Three months after the FAYZ first broke out, causing everyone over the age of fourteen to disappear, the teens of Perdido Beach are still struggling to survive. With each day proving more difficult than the last, kids everywhere are discovering they have new supernatural powers, and everyone is starving. Meanwhile, Caine is still trying to take the leadership duty from Sam, and a manipulative creature called the Darkness is waiting, hidden in a cave in the mountains. . . .

Hunger is a gripping sequel to the science fiction dystopian book Gone. It contains about the same amount of violence and profanity as the first book, but the plot is slightly darker and there is more character development. It includes:

• Profanity (*ss, d*mn, h*ll, and God)
• A character is anorexic and bulimic
• Kissing
• Some minor sexual references
• A character is homosexual and has a crush on someone of the same gender
• One character drinks beer (he is a teenager)
• Violence (fighting, deaths, reference to cannibalism, some gory details) Best Blogger Tips


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