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Book Review: First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, book 1) by Darynda Jones

First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, book 1)
By: Darynda Jones
ISBN: 978-0312577421
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The murder of three lawyers on the same night sends Charley, PI by trade and Grim Reaper by birth, searching for a motive, but when someone tries to take her out of the equation - the permanent way - it becomes clear that there's something much bigger going on. All this is only complicated by the realization that her dream lover may be an actual person - the living, breathing kind.

First Grave on the Right is a fast paced, adult, urban fantasy with a strong paranormal romance element. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of romance/sex content, but it has a non-romance plot that is the primary focus driving the story. Expect humorous writing, a unique voice, and an interesting world/setting. The novel's individual plot is wrapped up in a satisfying way, while the series' over arching story leaves lingering questions.

First Grave on the Right includes:
  • Many instances in which sex is implied to have taken place
  • Sexual innuendos, ogling of opposites sex's various body parts
  • Detailed sex or foreplay scenes (grabbing, sucking, stroking, groping intimate places, kissing with tongue)
  • full nudity
  • Souls making out
  • References to sexual climaxes (many, many references) & erections
  • Sex dreams (detailed)
  • Profanity/language: *ss h*le, b*tch, b*stard, cr*p, h*ll, Bl**dy heck in hades, f word, d*mn, G*d
  • Flipping people off
  • Ghosts
  • references to hell & satan
  • Severe physical and sexual abuse of a child by an adult (discussed and remembered)
  • Threat of rape
  • Dead bodies
  • Injuries (many and varied - no descriptive gore)
  • References to torture
  • references to a disturbing image of a tortured corpse (vague)

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