Monday, May 30, 2016

Book Review: Illusions of Fate, by Kiersten White

Illusions of Fate
By: Kiersten White
ISBN-10: 0062135899
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In the country of Albion, Jessamin is looked down on because of her Melei heritage. Cast out and lonely, Jessamin turns her attention to her studies at school. One day a bird snatches a piece of her hair out and she meets the charming Lord Finley Ackerly, and after that, fate decrees Jessamin to get swept up in a magical, romantic, and dangerous adventure over Albion and Melei politics.

It contains:

• Kissing
• Violence (deaths, shooting, broken fingers, twisted neck, a woman is attacked by birds, reference to rape, mention of past murders)
• Reference to prostitution
• Mention of affairs
• Crude drawing of a woman’s body
• Jessamin and Finn share a bed and they sleep together (in the innocent sense)
• Champagne drinking

Illusions of Fate is set in a charming, Victorian-like fantasy world. The plot moves at a smooth pace and the story contains likable characters. Jessamin is an especially strong female protagonist, and the romance between her and Finn is powerful, but not overbearing.

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  1. A very well done historical fantasy by White. This was very different from her Paranormalcy series, but in the end I actually liked this book better than that series. I would recommend to those who love light-hearted historical fantasy with some mystery and romance.

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  2. This sounds great. Having read a few of her books in the past, I wondered about getting this. Great review x


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