Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book Review: Changes (The Dresden Files, Book 12), By Jim Butcher

A Novel of the Dresden Files, Book 12
By: Jim Butcher

When red court vampires kidnap the daughter he never knew he had, Wizard Harry Dresden's world is literally blown apart. Getting her back may leave scars no one can heal and cost him more than life.

Changes contains a different level of dark than the prior books as our hero deals with the moral dilemmas placed before a desperate man. True to its name, the story contains numerous, unforeseen changes and ends with a cliff hanger, so make certain that you have the next book readily available. Nudity, blood drinking, violent/gruesome killing, murder, human sacrifice, profanity, arousal, and a sexual scene are all present in much the same levels as the prior Dresden Files.

It is not strictly necessary to read these books in order, but in my opinion Changes is not the best book to start with due to the immense amount of back-story involved (what's the fun of changes if you don't know the norm?) and the cliff hanger ending. All of the earlier books are conclusive and will provide a much better first read.
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