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Book Review: Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels, Book 4), by Ilona Andrews

Book Review: Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels, Book 4), by Ilona Andrews
Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels, Book 4)
By: Ilona Andrews
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Avoiding all things Curran is already a full time job, but when a magically enhanced disease and a series of deaths throw Kate right back into his company, things are bound to get interesting.

Magic Bleeds shows readers a softer and more vulnerable side of Kate, loosely intermixed with the kick butt version we're accustom to. On the back of Magic Strikes' big revelation, this story exposes even more about her family/abilities and moves the overall plot of the series forward in a variety of different ways.

Magic Bleeds is an adult urban/paranormal fantasy and includes:
  • Profanity (F word, bloody, wh*re, d*mn, b*tch, G*d d*mn it, SOB)
  • Injuries/killing/dead bodies (gruesome and at times disturbing)
  • Torture (burning)
  • References to homosexuality
  • Full nudity
  • Many references to sex, condoms
  • Detailed sex scene (references to oral sex and large variety of other particulars)

Readers should find that it flows very much like the prior three in pacing, and the content is much like that seen in the prior books with the exception of a significant increase in detailed sexuality.
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