Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Book Review: The Supernaturalist, by Eoin Colfer

The Supernaturalist
By: Eoin Colfer
ISBN-10: 0786267666
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Cosmo is used to test highly dangerous products at the menacing Clarissa Frayne, along with hundreds of other boys. Cosmo knows he won’t make it much longer at Clarissa Frayne, so when he has the chance, he escapes the horrible institute to find freedom in Satelite City, a high-tech, futuristic version of our world. After being rescued by a group of kids who call themselves the Supernaturalists, Cosmo teams up with them. Their mission? Rid the world of tiny, bubble-like creatures who feed on human life force, otherwise known as Parasites.

The Supernaturalist is a relatively clean young adult–middle grade standalone that deals with:

• Experimenting on young boys against their will
• Some minor profanity
• Stealing
• Violence (shooting, explosions, and chases)
• Death
• Mention of beer
• A kiss

This book is trademark Eoin Colfer: it’s exciting, action-packed, and full of witty characters and hilarious dialogue.

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