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Book Review: Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, Book 4), by Sarah J. Maas

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, book 4)
By: Sarah J. Maas
ISBN-10: 1619636042
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Former assassin Celaena Sardothian returns to Adarlan as Aelin, a Fae Queen. But arriving back home is no warm welcome. Aelin has problems to deal with like Valgs inhabiting human bodies and the king enslaving his own son, while on the other side of the world Manon fights to protect her clan of witches and trains her newest recruit, Elide.

It contains:

• Profanity (sh*t, gods-d*mn, wh*re, b*stard, rutting h*ll, and pr*ck)
• Violence (killing, lots of blood, punching, biting, beheadings, beatings, death threats, burning a village with women and children, a girl is almost raped, reference to a stillborn baby, a character was branded, torture, hurling up guts, a character gets shot with an arrow)
• Slavery
• Demon possession
• A character is a prostitute and there are some details about her job
• Reference to past sexual activity
• Sexual desire, dirty talking, neck and tongue kissing
• Wearing a skimpy nightgown
• Nudity (references to people seeing each other naked in the past, bathing, a man walks around in a towel)
• References to breasts and tight-fitting clothes
• References to mating
• Drinking
• References to opium and an opium addict

Unlike the slower pacing of Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows packs plenty of action and should keep fans of the series on their toes.

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