Monday, November 23, 2015

Book Review: Vengeance Road, by Erin Bowman

Vengeance Road
By: Erin Bowman
ISBN-10: 0544466381
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Kate Thompson sets out to avenge her father’s murder after a gang known as the Rose Riders kill him for a map that leads to a gold mine.

It contains:

• Profanity (Jesus Christ used as an exclamation, godd*mn, d*mn, h*ll, b*stard, wh*re, and b*tch)
• Violence (hanging, carving roses into people’s foreheads, shooting, kicking a girl in the ribs)
• Passionate kissing and making out
• A girl dresses up as a prostitute as part of a plan
• A boy pretends to make suggestive comments at a girl
• References to a prostitute’s line of work
• Two men strip down and bathe themselves in a river
• References to breasts
• Drinking
• Gambling
• Lying
• Indian rituals

Vengeance Road is a gritty young adult western story told in the traditional sense. There is no sex or a whole lot of profanity, but there’s plenty of violence. Expect lots of shootouts, horse riding, gunslingers, gold hunting, and a narrator out for revenge.

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