Thursday, September 10, 2015

No more Allegiant Part 2!!!!! New developements for the Divergent Franchise

March 2017 will no longer herald the release of Allegiant part 2, according to The last two Divergent films are getting new titles. Number three releasing this upcoming March (2016) will be titled simply: Allegiant while the fourth film release March 2017 will be called Ascendant.

Both films' tag lines are of interest with Allegiant's making perfect sense to those who have read the book

and Ascendant's making said people wonder if changes could be in store. . .

Reportedly, both films are still based on Veronica Roth's book, Allegiant. However, the film makers could extend or change any number of things in their quest for cinema greatness.

Personally, I'm glad to be rid of the whole part 1 and part 2 nonsense and this whole ordeal has made me particularly curious is the film makers will leave the cinema version with a conclusion or twist I find more satisfying than the one in the book. Could a movie ever truly surpass the book it's based on? I can only hope. What do you think?
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