Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Book Review: The Riverman (The Riverman, Book 1), by Aaron Starmer

The Riverman (The Riverman, book 1)
By: Aaron Starmer
ISBN-10: 0374363099
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Alistair’s friend Fiona is crazy—or so he thinks. All her talk of imaginary worlds and a Riverman is really starting to annoy him. That is, until she shows him proof that her bizarre tales are, indeed, true.

It includes:

• Some language (a few uses of d*mn, h*ll, cr*p, and one bad*ss)
• Violence (bloody injuries and a broken bone; one boy’s hands get blown off)
• Reference to a bikini-clad woman
• Reference to a drunk teenager

The Riverman is middle grade fantasy and can be quite dark and creepy, and there is a bit more cursing and violence than you would usually come across in a book aimed at younger children. The story is well written, but ends leaving a few too many unanswered questions.

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