Sunday, August 9, 2015

Book Review: Half Wild (Half Bad Trilogy, Book 2), by Sally Green

Half Wild (Half Bad Trilogy, book 2)
By: Sally Green
ISBN-10: 0670017132
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With the help of his father, Nathan, a half White and half Black witch, must rescue Annalise and aid a revolutionary group of witches intent on defeating the Hunters. Meanwhile, Nathan is also struggling to harness his new, bloodthirsty Gift: the power to shape-shift.

This is a young adult books that contains:

• Profanity (two or three F-words, sh*t, bad*ss)
• Violence (killing, slicing throats and stomachs, one character murders and eats both animals and humans when he is in his animal form, cutting out a heart and eating it, lots of blood, stabbing a stake in two boys’ hands, cutting off someone’s ear, shooting, references to executions and torture)
• One character is in a magical, deathlike sleep
• Two boys kiss twice (quite passionately on one occasion—one boy has feelings for the other, but the other boy is unsure of his feelings toward him)
• Mention of teenagers having sex (vague descriptions)
• Smoking a cigarette
• Drinking champagne

Half Wild is a satisfying sequel to the fantasy novel Half Bad. The books in the Half Bad Trilogy are very gritty and violent, so I would advise parents to take caution in letting their young teens read them.

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