Friday, July 24, 2015

Book Review: The Chosen One, by Carol Lynch Williams

The Chosen One
By: Carol Lynch Williams
ISBN-10: 0312555113
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Kyra lives with her father, three mothers, and nineteen siblings in a secluded community, where polygamy is considered normal. But when Kyra is suddenly ordered to marry her much older uncle, she begins to question everything she has been taught.

This young adult novel contains:

• References to bras
• References to baby making and love making
• A birth scene (not too descriptive)
• Death (as well as thoughts of and references to killing)
• Violence (shooting; beatings and other disturbing acts of “discipline” inflicted on children)
• Mild language (“oh my gosh,” a few uses of h*ll, one “d*mn it”)
• Kissing
• Polygamy

The Chosen One has an easy-to-read writing style, but a not so easy-to-stomach story that focuses on many disturbing themes, such as mistreating women and children, and polygamy. Religion is also a big part of this book, but is mostly warped from the Christian perspective, except in the case of Kyra’s innocent prayers to God.

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