Monday, July 6, 2015

Supporting Adoption! International New Release Giveaway (Winner's Choice): Aeronaunts Windlass, Winter, Unforgiven, Soundless and More!

Adopt Special Needs!

Hey Everyone! I'm doing a fabulous giveaway in honor of an amazing family's adoption. The winner will get to choose one of six soon-to-be-released books to be pre-ordered for them by me via Amazon Prime (prize options listed below). More on that in a moment, first lets meet the Conners!


As you could probably tell from the video, this is one special family in the process of adopting two precious little ones with special needs. International adoption is very expensive ($40,000) and they are working hard to save, earn and raise the necessary funds to bring baby brother (Gideon) and baby sister (still working on a name) home. You can read more about the Conners adoption journey, see videos, and more on their adoption site.

Giveaway Prize Options!

Winner gets to choose one of the following six upcoming releases to be pre-ordered for them. All of these book are set to be published between September 29th and November 10th. The Giveaway will end September 12th so that anyone who doesn't win can still pre-order any of these books if desired.

*Drum Roll*

 First off, from the author of the Dresden Files and Codex Alera comes an all new Steampunk series.

Second, it's been three years since Rapture (Fallen, book 4) was released and we were told the series was over. Guess what, there's more than just the Fallen Movie to look forward to in the Fallen Universe.

Have you been agonizing over the wait since Cress?

Vampire Academy is done. Bloodlines is done. But Richelle Mead has a new series just around the corner!

Do you love Rangers Apprentice? Well guess what! There's a prequel!

It's been four years since Sanderson's last Mistborn book, but the wait is nearly over!

How can you help and win an awesome new release?

Well first use the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this post to Enter the Giveaway.

Once that's done:
  • Share this post/giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest or anywhere else you can think of.
  •  Donate online or via check by visiting the Reece's Rainbows site. You can donate to their adoption easily via Paypal, but please note that paypal does exact a 3% transaction fee. If you wish to donate and avoid having any of it go to paypal you can use the check option.
  • Buy things on Amazon using this link - The Conners will get 6% from Amazon towards their adoption expenses.
Baby brother - Gideon

Giveaway Rules/Conditions
  • Must provide accurate contact information in order to be contacted if you win
  • Dishonest entrees will result in disqualification
  • Winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter
  • If the winner lives in the USA he/she will have their choice of one of these six books in Hardback or Kindle format.
  • If the winner lives outside of the USA he/she must choose one of these six books in Kindle format.
  • Winner will be contacted by e-mail and will have 5 days to verify their desired prize and mailing address (hardback) or e-mail address (Kindle) - if a response is not received within five days a new winner will be chosen.
Note: You MUST have a valid e-mail address to receive either prize - false e-mail addresses leave no means of contacting you and/or sending a kindle prize.
Baby Sister Conner

Enter, Share, and Help Bring Them Home!

If the giveaway form has not appeared above, you can go to it directly here.


The decision to use these books as prizes was entirely my (Sarah of Sarah's Reviews) decision and is by no means meant to indicate that the authors/publishers/rafflecopter are promoting this giveaway and/or the Conners adoption. Likewise, it does not indicate any promotion or support of these books/authors/publishers/rafflecopter, etc by the Conners.

I can not be held responsible for any cancellation or postponement of the publication of any of these prizes, however if the chosen book does not end up being published or the date of publication is moved more than six months further out, I will happily work with the winner to secure them an alternative prize of comparable value.
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  1. That is wonderful that they are adopting kids with special needs! My little sister has special needs and I think it is wonderful that the family will give those precious kids a home. I have two cousins that are adopted from China and they are a joy to have. :) I will pray that they get the money they need and thanks for the giveaway. <3

  2. How exciting! And what a wonderful great cause. :)

  3. Best of luck to all! What a wonderful cause and a great way to spread the word!

  4. Best of luck the the Conner family. I hope they get the money to adopt those two adorable children.

  5. This is such a meaningful cause to give to. I am glad that they are adopting those two cute kids. Best of luck!


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