Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Book Review: Bayou Moon (The Edge, Book 2), By Ilona Andrews

Book Review: Bayou Moon (The Edge, Book 2), By Ilona AndrewsBayou Moon (The Edge, book 2)
By: Ilona Andrews
ISBN: 0441019455
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When a child murderer from his past stirs up trouble in the Edge, William goes hunting.

Serie is waist deep in a family feud when William gets in her way.

Little do they know that soon they'll both be fighting for something far more valuable than revenge.

Bayou Moon is an enjoyable and moderately paced paranormal romance adventure with two unique but equally enjoyable point of view characters. Fans of On the Edge will likely enjoy the cameos of much loved characters. There are some strikingly similar plot points between On the Edge (book one) and Bayou Moon (book two), but on the whole the details, characters and settings are unique enough that the stories stand on their own feet. While there is an overarching world story playing out across this four book series, I believe both book one and book two can be read as stand alone tales.

Please note that Bayou Moon is an adult novel and contains:
  • Profanity (multiple uses of F word, Son of a bi*ch, d*mn, Sh*t
  • Images of dead children
  • Torture referenced
  • Nudity
  • Make out scene (clothing removal) 
  • Sex scene (detailed touching, licking, etc and referenced erections)
  • Use of magic to unnaturally alter another being, call upon spirits, and fight
  • Fighting/Killing
  • Severe injuries (blood referenced)
  • References to the attempted sexual assault of a child
  • Cannibalism mentioned in conversation

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