Thursday, June 25, 2015

Book Review: The Distance Between Lost and Found, by Kathryn Holmes

The Distance Between Lost and Found
By: Kathryn Holmes
ISBN-10: 0062317261
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Hallelujah, nicknamed Hallie, is on a youth group retreat hiking the Smoky Mountains when she and her two sort-of friends, Rachel and Jonah, wander from the trail and find themselves hopelessly lost in the mountains. Now it’s up to the three teens to survive on their own, and Hallie thinks she just might be ready to spill a damaging secret from her past.

This is a young adult novel and contains:

• Reference to teens drinking beer at a party
• Kissing and reference to a heavy make out scene
• Lying and bullying
• A teenaged boy pushes a girl to have sex with him, but she refuses
• Violence (three teens suffer from hunger and cold, two girls get poison ivy, one girl sprains her ankle, and a boy is washed down a river and gets a large cut on his leg)
• References to cursing, but no words are actually used besides “holy heck,” “dang it,” and “jeez”
• References to parents being divorced
• Speculations about whether God exists

The Distance Between Lost and Found is a survival story in the physical sense as well as the mental one. The writing is easy to read and the characters are realistically portrayed.

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