Monday, April 27, 2015

Book Review: New Lands (The Chronicles of Egg, Book 2), by Geoff Rodkey

New Lands (The Chronicles of Egg, book 2)
By: Geoff Rodkey
ISBN-10: 0399257861
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Egg and Guts sail across the Blue Sea in search of the Okalu treasure, and make new friends in some unexpected places, and come across old rivals, who are more dangerous than ever, along the way.

It contains:

• A kiss
• Violence (fighting and killing)
• Bleeped-out and made up swear words
• References to dung, barf, pee, and farts
• Pirates drinking

New Lands is the sequel to the middle grade–young adult Deadweather and Sunrise, and is just as adventure-filled as the first book, but leaves off on an even bigger cliffhanger.

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