Monday, February 9, 2015

Book Review: Dangerous Girls, by Abigail Haas

Dangerous Girls
By: Abigail Haas
ISBN-10: 1442486597
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Anna’s best friend Elise is murdered on a spring break vacation. But instead of setting out to find Elise’s culprit, the police turn to Anna and her group of friends as the number-one suspects.

Parents should be aware that it contains:

• Sexuality throughout (sexual dialogue as well as references to sex, and one explicit sex scene)
• A young man cheats on his girlfriend
• Profanity (including many F-words)
• Two characters who are the same gender are attracted to each other, but do nothing more than kiss
• Graphic violence (a murder scene is described in detail)
• Teenagers go to parties and drink heavily

Dangerous Girls is a young adult psychological thriller that mostly follows a girl put on trial for being suspected of murdering her best friend. The chapters alternate from past to present to give readers a sense of what Elise was like when she was still alive.

I use the words “young adult” to describe this book VERY reluctantly, for it’s full of profanity, violence, and sexuality. The upside is that it’s extremely hard to put down, with well-written characters and a gripping plot. However, I would still hesitate to recommend this to anyone, especially younger teens, because it does contain some truly disturbing content.

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