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Book Review: Fallen In Love (Fallen, Book 3.5), By Lauren Kate

Book Review: Fallen In Love (Fallen, Book 3.5), By Lauren KateFallen In Love (Fallen, book 3.5)
By: Lauren Kate
ISBN: 0385742622
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Love Where You Least Expect It

Miles and Shelby just want to get back to shoreline, but when a wrong turn lands them in the middle of one of Luce's other lives, they find themselves part of an unexpected romance.

Love Lessons

Roland's one true love was cut short centuries ago, but when the search for Daniel has him stumbling across her path, he finds himself unable to leave he past in the past.

Burning Love

Arienne loved so strongly that even the harsh changes of the fall couldn't snatch her love away, but will love win out when she's forced to choose between love and her nature?

Endless Love

According to Bill, Luce and Daniel only ever had one Valentines day together, so when he drops her off on that one very romantic day, Luce has to wonder if this is somehow a trap?

Fallen In Love is made up of four short, interconnected love stories: Love Where You Least Expect It, Love Lessons, Burning Love, and Endless Love. All four tales should be read in order and take place during an uncharted period of time in Passion (book 3). While these stories answer some interesting background questions regarding characters in the series, they are not essential to understanding the over-riding plot of the Fallen series. I recommend reading this collection after finishing Passion or once you have read the entire series.

These stories contain :
  • Stealing
  • Fighting
  • Injuries (burns, blood, some self-inflicted injuries)
  • References to "wenching"
  • Kissing
  • A homosexual relationship (includes hugging, kissing, nudity, implications of more at past times)
Fallen is a young adult, paranormal fantasy series with installments that venture into either urban or historical fantasy depending on the book. 

Fallen Series:
  • Book 1: Fallen (Review) (Movie)
  • Book 2: Torment (Review)
  • Book 3: Passion
  • Book 3.5: Fallen In Love (Review)
  • Book 4: Rapture

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