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Book Summary: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1), By Ilona Andrews

Book Summary: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1), By: Ilona Andrews
Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1)
By: Ilona Andrews
ISBN: 0441014895
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The following book summary and all of the book summaries featured here contain spoilers.

First time readers of the Kate Daniels series:
I recommend not reading this summary as it will likely take away from your reading experience.

Long time fans:
If you're looking for a plot refresher, you've come to the right place!

Magic Bites Plot Summary

Chapter 1: During a magic fluctuation, a vampire piloted (mind controlled) by a necromancer named Gastec breaks into Kate's house and asks when she last saw her guardian (Knight Diviner - Greg Feldman). The vampire leaves and Kate calls The Order of Knights of Merciful Aid (the Order). They tell her that Greg is dead - killed in the line of duty.

The last time they talked, Greg had tried to get her to join the order, She had refused preferring her work as a Merc (Mercenary) for the mercenary Guild. Greg was the last link she had to her family. Now she has no-one.

Chapter 2: Kate goes to the Atlanta Chapter of the Order where she speaks to the Knight Protector. He agrees to allow her to investigate the case so long as she reports only to him. He provides her with the case files, police report, use of Greg's office and a mutual aid sticker on her ID. He also tells her that Greg left everything but his financial assets to her.

In Greg's office Kate finds a note for her containing four power words (obey, protect, die, kill). She assimilates them bringing her total power word count to six. Crime scene photos show that an animal or someone with claws/teeth was responsible for Greg's death. A beheaded vampire was also at the scene, but there was no brand visible to indicate who's vampire it was.

Kate goes to the morgue to view the vampire and discovers that it was Gastec's vampire (the brand was hidden). She also sneaks a peak at the autopsy report (there were feline derivative hairs at the scene) and takes a copy of the m-scan (it contained some yellow lines and Kate has no idea what/who would leave a yellow magic signature). A unit supervisor named Crest escorts her out.

Jim (a were-jaguar and her sometimes Merc partner) was waiting by her car. Kate tells him she's investigating Greg's death and he offers assistance if she needs it. He's at the morg on pack business.

To learn more about the dead vampire Kate leans on Bono (a journey man for Gastec who is always with a different woman). Bono asks her if she's read an article he gave her about an impery. He tells her that vampires with concealed brands are called shadows. He doesn't know why Gastec had the Knight Diver followed. They can't ask the man who piloted the vampire what happened because the backlash has turned him into a vegetable. Bono says Corwin is the name of someone who could have done that to the knight diviner.

Back at Greg's apartment, Kate finds a message on the machine from Greg's clarevoiant ex-wife. She tells Kate that a man with a bunch of children that are neither human or animal is in the woods in her vision. She tells Kate that she needs to stop pursuing this.

Chapter 3: The next morning Greg's notes reveal that Corwin is a shapechanger. Jim calls saying that the beast lord (pack leader/king) wants to meet her. Kate agrees to meet him that evening in unicorn lane.

At their meeting, Kate calls out "here kitty kitty" to get him to show himself.
The Beast Lord is a giant stripped Lion in his beast form and has the ability to change shapes quickly and can change only one part of his body at a time. Kate didn't know anyone had that kind of control and he scares her, so naturally she offers to fight him. Ultimately they decide not to duke it out right there and sit down to exchange information. He agrees to let her question Corwin and tells her that the Knight Diviner was investigating a series of shapechanger deaths (the suspect the people). The beast lord's name is Curran.

Kate takes the m-scan to Simon who she pays to examine it. He tells her that the yellow lines mean that an animal tainted with necromantic magic was in the room, but not a shapechanger (green) or a pure human (blue) or animal (which is commonly seen as white). Kate pays his fee leaving her practically broke.

Chapter 4: The next morning Kate gets called by:
  • Crest - who asks her out to lunch and she agrees
  • The order - to tell her the Knight protector wants to talk to her
  • Jim - whom she asks to come up with a list of pack murder details (times places)

The knight protector grills Kate about her reasons for leaving the order's academy when she was younger. Kate says she has a problem with authority.

Kate runs down the families of four women in Greg's file and discovers that they are missing.

The lunch date with Crest goes well and Kate agrees to try and go to dinner with him, he's suppose to call her.

Nadarasha (the people's head honcho) wants to talk to her so Kate calls and agrees to meet with him at 2A.M.

A shapechanger comes to Kate's apartment and takes her to the packs headquarters (a castle like structure called the keep) to meet with Curran. When several young shapechangers make a show of threatening her (orchestrated by Curran) Kate uses a power word to take control of Derek (Wolf shapechanger) and uses him as protection until she gets to Curran. Kate releases Derek on Curran's request, interviews Corwin (a Cat-were) and determines he's innocent. Curran demands Kate take Derek with her and binds Derek to her with a blood oath.

Chapter 5: Kate and Derek go to see Gastec who says there have been a series of vampire deaths - they suspect the pack. Kate believes someone is trying to start a war. Gastec tells Kate that to get a blended power print (like light orange) it would have to involve reproduction.

As they are leaving the people's side of town, Kate, Derek, and Gastec's Vampire are attacked by an ancient Vampire. Everyone sustains injuries, but Kate kills it, cuts off its head, and burns the body and her blood before taking Derek and heading home.

Crest is waiting at the apartment and helps Kate get Derek inside. While getting patched up Kate considers sleeping with Crest but decides not to because she needs to feel with the vampire's head. Using magic she gets the head to show her the location of the vampire's master. It shows her a building on unicorn lane.

Chapter 6: They fall asleep and Kate gets Crest up and off early the next morning after agreeing to see him on Friday. Curran arrives shortly after and Kate agrees to attack the building with a group from the pack.

When they attack, they find themselves up against a mistress of the dead called Olatha concubines of Roland and A hoard of old vampires. Olantha secured herself in a blood circle. Kate is able to break into her circle by using the superior power of her own blood. She mortally wounds Olantha, then notices the swarms of vampires on the ceiling that would go crazy with bloodlust when their mistress dies. Kate uses her blood to take over the link Olantha had with the vampires. Kate tells the pack to run and brings down the ceiling on the vampires and herself. Curran jumps through the blood fire and gets her out before she can be crushed.

Chapter 7: Kate wakes up in the keep and after some time is able to leave. Currin sustained third degree burns over his entire body but will be fine. Derek was released from his blood oath.

Kate talks to lady... And realizes that there are still too many loose ends since she doesn't know who killed Greg and where the missing women are.

Kate goes on date with Crest. It doesn't go very well, and Curran ends up dining at the same restaurant, Kate has a bowl of milk delivered to him and then leaves with Crest. She sees bono watching her and thinks maybe he served olatha. Kate and Crest go to a concert, but at the end of the night, Kate sends him home. Curran is waiting for her, and tells her that it's over and she's just attention hungry.

Chapter 8: Kate goes home that night and finds the head of one of the missing women staked in her front yard. Vampire and shapeshifter bones were used by the bad guy to get close to her house. Kate has Jim come get the shapeshifter bones. The note the bad guy left her was written on a page from the magazine that the umpiere article was from. The umpiere article said that the umpiere would mate with animals and used women of power to produce a male heir. He then feeds the mother to the child. Umpiere is immune to tooth, claw, knife and basically everything else. Curran suspects Crest and they go with Kate to Crests apartment where the "request" a sample for scanning purposes. Crest comes up human and Crest breaks up with Kate.

Chapter 9: Kate goes home, sets a trap for the umpiere, and drinks a lot while sitting on her porch. The umpiere arrives and it's bono. He tries to take Kate, she slices up his neck, he laughs at her but she is able to jump behind her wards. She moved his ward into her house to reinforce hers so he can't break in. He says he'll kill the cat and get his power then leaves one of his mutant animal offspring to watch her.

She tries to call Jim but no-one picks up. Curran breaks through her ward in the middle of the night by breaking through her roof. Curran admits it's not over. The umpiere attacked Corwin and took Derek. Corwin is dying. Curran and Kate tie up the creature keeping watch and take the lay line back to the keep.

Kate speaks with Corwin (lynx were) briefly. Curran asks her to identify a man who was found unconscious next to Corwin. She recognizes him as a crusader of the order. He introduces himself as Nick and he's been after the for four years. Curran releases Nick.

The umpier sends a phone number on the body of a young victim. Kerin calls the umpiere and they get to hear one of Curran's old girlfriends die. Curran taunts him and the umpier hangs up.

Kate beats up a punching bag, speaks briefly with Curran, then calls Gastec who refuses to give up information (although he clearly knew about the umpier). Nick wants Kate's help to get out of the keep because the only weapon that can kill the umpier (bone of prey) aren't in the keep. Kate uses wolf's bane to create a distraction. Curran and Kate have a fight and end up going separate ways to cool off. Kate has sianide needles just in case she's captured.

Chapter 10: Curran wakes Kate from a nap to tell her the umpier called asking for a fight with Curran, Kate and Nick. Curran wants to know why the umpier wants Kate, but she won't tell. She goes back to sleep. Nick arrives before it's time to go with a freshly made bone knife for Kate.

They set off for the fight and were met by one of the umpiere's animal offspring (bobcat) who led them to rest of the way.

The umpier was waiting for them at an abandoned prison with a grisly history. On the way Curran kisses Kate "for luck" effectively ridding her of a certain amount of her shaky fear. The umpier, a bone dragon zombie and the animal offspring were waiting for them. Kate dispatches the animal offspring, nick takes the dragon and Curran takes the umpier. It gets ugly, Nick falls off the prison roof and Kate tries to help Curran who has sustain huge injuries, while practically splitting the umpier in half. The umpier comes for Kate and she stabs him with the bone knife killing him.

Epilogue: Kate wakes up in her house and finds Nick there. Nick leaves her his card and tells her Curran made it. Doolittle came and checked on her. Several women were found alive, others were dead, Derek was found hurt but alive. As soon as she was able, Kate sent her report to the order. She got rid of her wine. Then on a Sunday she woke up to the banging. Curran and Derek were on her roof repairing it. PAD called asking her to work with them as an order representative. She doesn't think she can afford it, but the knight protector had sent a nice check her way. She accepts.
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