Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book Review: Hex Hall (Hex Hall Series, Book 1), by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall (Hex Hall Series, book 1)
By: Rachel Hawkins
ISBN-10: 1423121309
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Meet Sophie. She’s a witch who has the bad habit of casting spells that always seem to go wrong. As punishment, she’s sent to Hecate Hall, otherwise known as “Hex Hall,” where she instantly makes a new assortment of friends and enemies, and honestly, she’s a little confused about who’s who. But Sophie’s already got enough to worry about, what with the spirit of a ghost hovering around the school grounds, and a cute werewolf she has her eye on, whose intent seems to be to make Sophie dislike him.

It includes:

• References to murder
• Descriptions of hangings, beatings, and burnings
• Use of spells
• Profanity (b*tch, d*mn, h*ll, and p*ss)
• Brief references to loss of virginity
• A homosexual character
• One passionate kiss

Hex Hall is a fun, school-themed novel with lots of believable paranormal twists. Funny, surprising, and light-hearted, this book aimed for teens has a strong female narrator, and it shouldn’t be surprising if you find yourself instantly attached to the charming, sarcastic cast of characters.

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