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Book Summary: Turn Coat (Dresden Files, Book 11), By Jim Butcher - Spoilers

Book Summary: Turn Coat (Dresden Files, Book 11), By Jim Butcher - SpoilersTurn Coat (Dresden Files, book 11)
By: Jim Butcher
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The following plot summary includes extensive spoilers. To read a spoiler-free, content (pacing, humor, characters, profanity, sexuality & violence) centered review please see the Dresden Files Series Review.

First time readers: This summery could greatly detract from your reading experience.

Long time fans: If you're looking for a memory refresher you've come to the right place!

Turn Coat Plot Summary

Chapter 1: Warden Morgan shows up at Harry's doorstep asking for shelter from the Wardens before passing out. Harry (who is and has been suffering from really bad migraines) calls in Butters and they do their best to fix up Morgan's various wounds, but Morgan is not doing well.

Chapter 2: Morgan tells Harry that he was framed for the murder of a council member. It had to be an inside job, so if Morgan takes the fall a traitor will be free to murder again. They have about 48 hours till the council will be able to pinpoint Morgan's location with a tracking spell.

Chapter 3: Harry goes to Thomas' apartment, gets his medical supplies, and asks Thomas to see what Justine knows about Morgan.

Chapter 4: On the way home Harry senses that he is being followed and uses his sight to pinpoint the culprit. He sees a monster so horrible that it reduces him to immobility every time it crosses his mind. He leaves his car, unable to drive safely.

Chapter 5: Harry walks to Billy and Georgia's apartment (leaders of the local werewolf pack). They shelter Harry while he forces himself to come to terms with what he saw. When he surfaces, they confirm that whatever it was followed him. Curby and Andy had arrived and when he goes outside, the thing kills Curby, injures Andy and shape shifts to get away. Harry realizes it's a skinwalker.

Chapter 6: After getting Andy to the hospital, Harry runs into Murphy who Brought him the medical kit he left in his car and gives him a ride home while interrogating him.
Murphy drops him off once she's up to speed.

Chapter 7: Harry gets Morgan set with an IV, antibiotics and pain medication.  Harry calls around and discovers that a man hunt is underway for Morgan, but none of the wardens under Harry's command have been informed.

Chapter 8: Thomas takes Harry to his meet with Justine where Harry discovers that not only is the white council after Morgan, but someone has also placed a hit on Morgan via Craigslist and a host of supernatural killer will likely be looking for Morgan.

Chapter 9: While there, they are confronted by Madeline Raith (Thomas' vampire cousin).

Chapter 10: After the meeting, Harry finds warden Anastasia Luchio waiting for him. She says she was worried that Morgan (who has tried to convince the council that Harry is the traitor in the past) may be looking for Harry to kill or frame him. Harry asks her to find info on skinwalkers, but doesn't tell her anything about his involvement with Morgan.

Chapter 11: Thomas takes him home and Harry finds Molly, Mouse and Morgan in an awkward stand off. Morgan had purposefully antagonized Molly (who had arrived to work on potions) until she nearly lost it and Mouse intervened. Harry cools things off and brings Molly up to speed.

Chapter 12: Harry discusses Molly's fears that she's a monster with her before taking Molly, Morgan and Mouse to his secret hideout (ward surrounded storage facility) courtesy of Thomas.

Chapter 13: Once Molly, Morgan and Mouse are set inside and Thomas is keeping watch outside, Harry leaves for Edinburgh. On the way he is harassed by a group of huge spiders, but he kills one and they let him pass.

Chapter 14: In Edinburgh, Ebenezar (Harry's old mentor) points him at Injun Joe.

Chapter 15: From Injun Joe Harry learns that Morgan will be treated as guilty regardless of his guilt or innocence because of the political repercussions that would result otherwise.

Chapter 16: The Merlin is hoping for a miracle and agrees to give Harry a copy of the file detailing everything the white council knows about the murder, but tells him that they must not only prove Morgan innocent, but prove the traitor guilty.

Chapter 17: Wizard Peebody (the clerk handling paperwork for the senior council) tries to get Harry to sign for the file, but Harry refuses. Back home, Harry calls Murphy and passes out. Murphy stops by in the morning and they start going over the file. Harry and Murphy discuss how there was no death curse cast and no magic used in the struggle - it was purely physical. Thomas calls saying that they are under attack.

Chapter 18: Harry and Murphy rush to the storage area and square off against a bunch of spirit creatures and their master (a practitioner named Binder).

Chapter 19: Molly takes care of the spirit creatures. Murphy arrests Binder while Harry, Morgan, Molly and Mouse flee before the authorities see them. They don't know what happened to Thomas as he wasn't at the storage facility.

Chapter 20: They escape through the Nevernever.

Chapter 21: Back home, Harry uses Toot Toot (Harry's pixy commander) to locate the tail leaking their whereabouts to the hit men. Toot Toot locates the PI and renders his vehicle immobile. The PI agrees to give up the case immediately, but has too much integrity to reveal who hired him. Molly uses her womanly charm to get the answer out of him ad Harry heads for a law firm to talk to a Miss Evelyn Derek.

Chapter 22: Interrogation and soul gaze of Miss Derek revealed that she had been mentally manipulated by a member of the Vampire white court.

Chapter 23: Back home Harry found Morgan, Molly, Anastasia Luchio and Mouse in a standoff. Anastasia arrived unexpectedly and assumed Morgan had recruited Molly and killed Harry. Molly attacked Luchio to keep her from telling the white council about Morgan. Morgan attacked Molly to protect Luchio and Mouse held Luchio captive to keep Molly alive. Harry sorts it out, brings Luchio into the loop.

Chapter 24: Harry leaves with Luchio to confront Lara Raith about the vampire white court's involvement. Lara denies involvement in the murder, attacks on Harry, or Thomas' disappearance. Then the Skinwalker attacks.

Chapter 25 & 26: The Skinwalker kills/injuries many of Lara's people (vampires and humans). It demands an exchange of Thomas for Morgan and then leaves. Anastasia ends up with a broken collar bone, Harry's pretty beat up, and Justine is hurt.

Chapter 27: Harry tells Lara that he thinks Madeline is involved (messed with Derek's mind). He also tells Lara that someday he's going to take her down. Lara agrees to help by following a money trail associated with the murder.

Chapter 28: Justine lets it slip in front of Luchio that Harry and Thomas are brothers. Lara lends Harry a car (and realizes he is no longer protected by his love for Susan) and Harry leaves with Luchio. Things get tense when they discuss Harry's connection to Thomas and Anastasia won't agree to keep the information from the white council regardless.

Chapter 29: With Anastasia resting, Harry tries without success to track Thomas. Harry goes to the hospital to check on Andy.

Chapter 30: Harry tells Billy that he may need backup. Billy agrees under the condition that Harry clue them in to the supernatural scene and Harry does so. Afterward, Harry goes to Special Investigations where Murphy is interrogating Binder.

Chapter 31: They pretend to interrogate him, but ultimately let him go with the PI hired to follow him.

Chapter 32: The PI follows him to a hotel where Harry and Murphy overhear him having a conversation with bad vampire lady. Vampire says she called the wardens and told them Harry was sheltering Morgan.

Chapter 33: Harry and Murphy book it back to Harry's apartment.

Chapter 34: Back at home Harry found that Mouse had taken a bullet meant for Molly when Morgan found her entering Luchios mind while she was sleeping. Molly agrees that she had in fact done so and broken a law of magic.  She thought someone could have messed in Luchio's head an believes someone has. Harry makes Molly doctor mouse and then explains to Molly that both she and himself will be executed if they succeed in clearing Morgan and Morgan tells the white council that she broke a law of magic. Molly decides to stick it out anyways.

Chapter 35: Harry leaves Anastasia unconscious at his home and goes with Molly and Morgan by boat to the island (Demonreach).

Chapter 36: Once he's on the island Harry does a sanctum invocation. It works and lands Harry with the ability to instantly know things about the island while he's standing on it.

Chapter 37: Harry returns to shore. He calls Lara who tells him that the money trail leads right back to herself. Madeline is involved with whoever is trying to play the white council of wizards and the vampire white court. Harry calls Thomas' phone and tells the Skinwalker to bring Thomas to him if he wants to trade.
He then tells the White Council he's been sheltering Morgan, that an informant told him Morgan was framed and to meet him on the island.

Chapter 38: Harry picks up Will and Georgia and Molly picks them up in the boat. The gatekeeper is waiting for Harry at Demonreach.

Chapter 39: The Gatekeeper tries to dissuade Harry from his course of action insisting that it will get Harry killed. When Harry reveals that he claimed Demonreach as a sanctum the gatekeeper changes his mind but warns Harry that the island is a source of dark magic and not what he thinks it is. The Gatekeeper leaves saying that he can not set foot on the island because the island holds a grudge.

Chapter 40: After getting the island ready (with help), Harry leaves Molly and Morgan in the cottage at the top of the island and goes down to greet the white council.

Chapter 41: Harry stalls the senior council and wardens until Lara Raith (and family) arrives. They exchange information until Binder and over a hundred of his goons showed up.

Chapter 42: Harry and Lara leave the battle to take out Binder and Madeline before they could call up more goons. A bomb temporarily takes Lara out of the picture and Madeline gets Harry.

Chapter 43: Harry survives Lara and Binder with the help of the wolves. Lara reappears and takes out Madeline. Harry lets Binder go after questioning him. The battle was still going when the Skinwalker showed up with Thomas.

Chapter 44: Harry gets Thomas to safety with Molly.

Chapter 45: Harry fights the Skinwalker but is ultimately outmatched. Then senior council member Injun Joe "Listens to Wind" runs it off. Listens to Wind has Harry use his connection to the island to assist the others in defeating a bunch of spiders the real traitor had brought Ono the island. Harry passes out.

Chapter 46: When he awakens Lara leaves with a much abused Thomas and the rest of vampires. Molly has Morgan behind a shield and is refusing to give Morgan over to the council before Harry says so. Harry refuses to give up Morgan, but Morgan says he wants to go with the senior council. Senior council member Ancient Mai tries to make Harry and Molly take the fall with Morgan but Injun Joe won't hear of it.

Harry gets the wolves and they return to Chicago where Harry collects surveillance photos from the PI taken of the entrance from the Nevernever way that the council members would have used. The pictures show all the council members arriving, plus one more individual that Harry believes to be the killer.

Chapter 47: The next day Harry, Molly, and Mouse go to Edinburgh for the trial. Harry speaks with Ebenezar McCoy who hurries off to confirm a suspicion of Harry's.  At the trial wizard Peebody takes notes and Morgan pleads guilty. Harry then lays out the events of the past couple days then shows the council the surveillance photos to the council ending with the photo of the real killer - Wizard Peebody. Wizard McCoy then confirms that the ink Peebody had been using to get signatures from the senior council and other council members was laced with elements used for psychic manipulation. Peebody unleashes a monster on the group of wizards and runs for it.

Chapter 48: Harry follows him, but is injured. Morgan catches up and kills Peebody, but the exertion was too much for his injuries. Before Morgan dies he tells Harry that Anastasia was the one who really killed LaForteay (but that she was asleep at the time) and that he didn't tell anyone about Molly's breaking a law of magic.

Chapter 49: Because Peebody never confessed, the council ultimately blames Morgan for LaFrteays death. The council works hard to undo all the mind control done on its members. Harry finds out that Anastasia Luchio was psychically manipulated into having a relationship with him and now that the bindings on her mind were breaking their relationship was over.

Wizard McCoy tells Harry that the council has refused to acknowledge the existence of the black council. Ebenezar confides that he and some other wizards are going to form a grey council to watch out for the black council. Harry realizes that there must be another traitor inside the council.

Meanwhile LaFortia has been replaced by Gregori Cristos

After a few weeks he gets too see Thomas and finds that the torture he endured from the Skinwalker has left him discouraged with his attempts to try and not be a monster. He tells Harry not to call him.

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