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Mirror, Mirror (Dresden Files Book 17) Sneak Peek / Spoilers

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Dresden Files book 17
Last Updated October 2015
I will continue to update as I find out more!

So Skin Game (Book 15) is published and we know a bit of what to expect in Peace Talks (Book 16), what do we know about book 17? Or rather, what has Jim Butcher himself told us about book 17?

Note: At this time all the info/quotes I have below are from Jim's Q&A at DragonCon 2014, I will specify when I find information from other times.

Title: It's called Mirror Mirror.

"The next book after this one is called Mirror Mirror and there's just going to be eye patches and goatees and everything."

Premise: The Dresden Files universe in which one choice is different.

"Kind of the idea is I want to change one choice and make a universe that's different by one choice and see what happens and that will be a great deal of fun for me. Probably not for Dresden though, but you know he's no fun, he's such a wet blanket, he's always complaining."

Content: Evil Harry will Manifest
"Will evil Harry ever truly manifest? Well we'll get to see that yeah."

Molly in Mirror Mirror:
 During the September 22nd (2015) Reddit Q&A Jim was asked about Molly - Answer highlighted.

Estimated Release Date: Jim does not typically give out an actual release date until his book has been completed, submitted, and he has a solid date from his publishers. If I hear anything solid or even a guess from Jim I will update here. The following is my guess as to when it will be released and why.

My "Guesstimated Release Date" (as of November 2014) for Mirror Mirror would be no sooner than 2018. That's four years out and I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but for those of you who are interested here is why I'm putting my guess so far out.

November 14th (2014) - Jim finished writing The Aeronaut's Windlass (Cinder Spires, Book 1). A post on his site said he would be taking some time to edit and polish the book before starting on Peace Talks (Dresden Files, Book 16). I'm guessing this process will take the remainder of 2014.

January 2015 - I would like to think that Jim could start working on Peace Talks early 2015. I have heard him remark on several occasions that each book takes about nine months of his life, so lets just assume he is able to start January and finish September. There seems to be about 6 months between his submission of the book to publishers and its release to the public. So we might see Peace Talks early 2016.

October 2015 - Assuming he is able to finish Peace Talks in September, I am assuming that he will write the next Cinder Spires book before continuing on to Mirror Mirror. So lets just think positive that Jim is able to start Cinder Spires book 2 in October 2015 and finish July 2016. This is very optimistic considering how long (both writing time and page numbers) book one took. Cinder Spires book 2 could theoretically release early 2017.

August 2016 - In this guess-world Jim can now begin writting Mirror Mirror. Add 9 months and you get May 2017. Add 6 months for turn around and you get November 2017. I'm thinking it's reasonable to assume there will be at least another two months in there somewhere putting Mirror Mirror's release in 2018.

Now I sincerely hope and that Jim has a long string of healthy, inspired writing years ahead of him where he can crank novels out like pancakes, but assuming life happens (which it tends to do), I'm guessing we'll see Mirror Mirror no sooner than 2018.

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  2. From a recent interview:

    *When are we going to see Mavra again?*

    Um... 19? *pondering* Wait, I'm sorry we'll definitely see her in Mirror Mirror. She's a fast ally of Dresden's in Mirror Mirror.

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