Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book Review: Falling into Place, by Amy Zhang

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Falling into Place
By: Amy Zhang
ISBN-10: 0062295047
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Lonely, bulimic, depressed, alcohol and drug addicted Liz Emerson has had enough of her life, so one day she drives her car off an icy road in a failed suicide attempt, leaving her body in critical condition and her friends and family to worry about whether she will live through the night.

Falling into Place is told in out-of-order chapters that reflect on Liz’s life, giving us an inside look at her past thoughts and actions, and providing the readers with a better understanding of—but not romanticizing—teen suicide.

This is a smoothly-written young adult contemporary standalone. Parents should be aware that it contains the following:

• Teenagers taking drugs, drinking, and smoking
• A bulimic character
• References to sex
• Uses of crude sexual terms
• Reference to a character having had an abortion
• Profanity (including the F-word)
• Some medical-related violence (descriptions of blood)
• Name-calling (“lesbo,” “slut,” “skank,” etc.)
• Bullying
• Reference to a past rape
• Mentions of some characters being gay
• Mentions of breasts

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