Friday, September 19, 2014

Book Review: Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, Book 2), by Sarah J. Maas

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, book 2)
By: Sarah J. Maas
ISBN-10: 1619630621
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As the King’s new Champion, Celaena has her hands full. She has orders to kill on a rampage, while also trying to juggle relationships with her friends, keep her own secrets, and learn more about the banned ways of magic. Not to mention the whispers of uprising against the king, who rules tyrannically from his glass throne. Soon Adarlan’s Assassin will have to choose where she stands, in the midst of blood and betrayal.

Readers should be aware that this book has the following content:

• Profanity (d*mn, h*ll, b*stard, b*tch, p*ss, and sh*t)
• Many detailed descriptions of killings, severed body parts, mutilated bodies, blood, and wounds
• One character is a prostitute, and a few comments suggest that he sleeps with both women and men
• Suggestive banter
• Reference to a naked man in a woman’s bed
• Brief mention of men raping a woman
• A few non-descriptive sex scenes, written in a “fade to black” style, with only mentions of taking clothes off, awareness of naked bodies, and kissing
• Mention of peeing
• Mention of excrement
• An extremely gruesome torture scene in which a character stabs their victim with knives

This book contains a lot of violence and mature themes for being in the young adult genre, much more so than the first one. Not recommended for people with weak stomachs or younger teens.

That being said, Crown of Midnight is everything you loved about the first book times ten. If you didn’t like Celaena’s whiny attitude, lack of awesome assassin-y action scenes, or the love triangle in Throne of Glass, should you pick up the second book? Definitely. Be warned, though, Crown of Midnight ends with many unanswered questions, leaving you itching to read the next book.

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