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Book Review: Deadweather and Sunrise (The Chronicles of Egg, Book 1) by Geoff Rodkey

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Deadweather and Sunrise (The Chronicles of Egg, book 1)
By: Geoff Rodkey
ISBN-10: 9780399257858
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Egg’s life takes a turn for the worst when his family disappears in a hot air balloon and the man he thought he could trust tries to kill him. Soon Egg is running for his life while trying to unravel a mysterious, ancient treasure map. Not to mention the fact that he might be in love with the daughter of his mortal enemy.

This book can be read by both middle graders and young adults, though it is probably too intense for very young children. It contains:

• Violence (fistfights, killing, injuries, and blood; nothing too descriptive)
• A brief reference suggesting rape
• Drinking
• A cruel and slightly disturbing scene in which a boy is helplessly tied up and people jeer at and spit on him
• Although it’s supposed to be funny, it should be noted that there is a scene where two boys wearing only their underwear are trying to find clothes, but come across a girl instead
• Two teenagers sleep in the same bed and cuddle
• One character swears multiple times in a made-up language, so the reader won’t know what he’s saying, but you can make some pretty good guesses
• A kiss

The first in a series, Deadweather and Sunrise is a cleverly-written, exciting, pirate-filled debut. The characters are witty and the adventurous plot fast-paced, with a dash of romance on the side. The abrupt ending will leave you with a “to be continued” feeling.

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