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Book Review: If I Stay (If I Stay, book 1), By Gayle Forman

If I Stay (Book 1)
By: Gayle Forman
ISBN: 0525421033
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When a car accident tears Mia's family away and leaves her body broken, she must decide whether to go on living or give up the fight.

If I Stay combines romance and grief in a brief heart-wrenching story about life, loss, family, and hope. The book flips between past and current events in a manor that smoothly moves the story forward. While you could easily read this story as a stand alone book, there is a sequel titled Where She Went.

If I Stay is a young adult novel and includes content inappropriate for younger readers.

  • Profanity (Many uses/variations of the F word and sh*t as well as B*tch and G*d D*mn, etc)
  • "White trash" used in banter
  • Sneaking child into casino
  • Several references to drinking, drunkenness 
  • Rule breaking & references to playing hookey
  • Judaism referenced
  • References to throwing up
  • Jokes about a costume being satanic and damnation
  • Surgery
  • References to blood, broken bones, dead bodies, brain matter
  • Fist fight
  • Brief reference to a woman being pro choice, planned parenthood, the pill, condoms, someone being queer/gay/lesbian
  • Description of woman in labor and giving birth (references to frontal nudity, yelling, much swearing)
  • Parent encouraging child to build up condom supply
  • References to virginity and lack there of
  • Hooking up referenced
  • Much sensual touching of chests, bellies & some clothing removal

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