Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Book Review: The Elite (The Selection, Book 2), By Kiera Cass

By: Kiera Cass
ISBN: 0062059963
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Prince Maxim has given America time to decide what she wants, but the day is coming soon when she'll have to make her choice and she's still not sure.

The Elite is well paced and engaging. Relationship twists and turns, challenges, political subplots and character developement make what could have been a love triangle meets "the bachelor" storyline - interesting from first page to last. Readers should be aware that the ending is inconclusive (2nd book in a trilogy - no surprise there) and the story contains:

  • unpleasant images of physical punishment/abuse
  • Some language
  • Kissing
  • Brief remarks comparing first time sex versus second time sex
  • Death

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  1. I must say this, I really like your way of writing a review, its short and to-the-point. And you summarized everything I felt in such less words too.

    Great review and do check what I wrote about this book in my review here

    Aparajta @Le' Grande Codex


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