Thursday, July 3, 2014

Silver Shadows (Bloodlines, Book 5) Teaser Trailer, Book 6 Title and More!

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Calling all Vampire Academy and Bloodlines fans, Silver Shadows is only 26 days from it's July 29th
release and we are starting to see teaser trailers!

We have three trailers and assessment tapes two and four (one and three have apparently gone missing *wink*) to watch but be warned that they contain Fiery Heart (Book 4) spoilers, so if you haven't read Fiery Heart yet and don't want any spoilers, do not scroll past the bold SPOILERS text below. The rest of you scroll away and enjoy!

Bloodlines book 6 news: Yes, I know we're still waiting with baited breath for book five, but BOOK SIX HAS A TITLE!!!!!!  Yes, this is sort of old news, but I'm posting it anyways for those of you who didn't already hear. *Drum roll* The Ruby Circle is expected to release February 2015. Can't wait to find out what the name means! 

Don't forget that Richelle Mead already released the first several chapters of Silver Shadows for your reading pleasure.


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