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Book Review: Skin Game (Dresden Files, Book 15), by Jim Butcher

Book Review: Skin Game (Dresden Files, Book 15) by Jim Butcher
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Skin Game (Dresden Files, Book 15)
By: Jim Butcher
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Harry Dresden, Winter Knight, has a parasite in his head on the verge of killing him, but that problem seems simple next to the Mab's next assignment.

Now, all Harry has to do is outsmart one of the smartest bad guys he's ever encountered while helping him break into a vault in the underworld and upholding Mab's word - all in less than 72 hours or his head explodes. No pressure.

Skin Game picks up a little over a year after the events of Cold Days and employes all of the high stakes, nearly impossible odds and clever twists that make each Dresden Files book the fast paced, edge of your seat ride that fans have come to expect. This installment mixes refreshing character development, dearly loved characters and killer opposition to get a result that is satisfying and hopeful.

Skin Game includes:
  • Profanity (s*ck it, bl**dy, s*d off, God, Christ, Jesus and F word)
  • Kissing 
  • References to arousal
  • Full nudity 
  • Detailed sex scene (references to oral sex)
  • Injuries (references to blood, broken bones, some gruesome images/concepts but no more than in some prior books)
  • Death/killing

The sex scene is more detailed than most of the sex scenes scenes thus far in the Dresden Files, probably close to the same level as the one in Death Masks. Readers wishing to avoid the scene should be able to easily skim forward - though there is a pertinent detail or two at the end that you could easily track back to get or you can read in my Skin Game chapter by chapter plot summary if you prefer.

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  1. It's really not my thing.I like drastic books with killing, but this series is not for me.


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