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Book Review: I Am Number Four (The Lorien Legacies, Book 1), By Pittacus Lore

I Am Number Four (The Lorien Legacies, book 1)
By: Pittacus Lore
ISBN: 006211655X

Nine Lorien children escaped the massacre of their home planet to scatter and hide on earth. Now the Mogadorians are hunting them, trying to eliminate them before their legacies (powers) develope, but they can only be killed in the order of their number. One through three are now dead. This story is about a boy named John. He is number four. 

I Am Number Four (book one in The Lorien Legacies series) is a young adult, science fiction novel with an engaging mix of coming of age, super powers, aliens, classroom drama, life and death action, mystery, and romance. The story is told from a first person point of view and stands out from many of the current young adult series as one of the few with a male protagonist.

It contains:
  • Language (Sh*t, d*mn, H*ll)
  • Teenage drinking and drunkenness
  • Use of powers by a minor to get their way with an adult
  • Kissing while lying in a bed
  • references to making out
  • Injuries, blood no real descriptive gore
  • Killing
  • Death
  • References to massive war related violence and death

The Lorien Legacies
  1. I Am Number Four (Review)
  2. The Power of Six
  3. The Rise of Nine
  4. The Fall of Five
  5. The Revenge of Seven 

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