Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NEWS! Morganville Vampires Web/Internet Series Official Cast, Set Photos, Expected Release!

The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine is becoming a web-series!

Those of you who didn't hear about the successful kickstarter project that made this casting news possible, watch the following video where Author Rachel Caine explains what's going on and then scroll down to see the official cast, set photos, filming/release info and most recent news!


The official cast has been announced! 

First we have our Claire played by Lindsay Seidel.

 Then we have the three best roommates a girl could have in Morganville: Shane (Jordan Farris), Eve (Haileigh Todd) & Michael (Ben Easter).

Then there's the Evil Three: Monica Morrell (Afomia Hailemeskel) and her two henchmen Gina (Jessi Mechler) & Jennifer (Taylor Murphy).

Next we get our Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover with actress Amber Benson who played Tara in three seasons of Buffy. In Morganville she's a little bit scarier as Amelie. Plus, we have Oliver (his creepiness) played by Robert Picardo, Myrnin (his craziness - first met in Midnight Alley, book 3) played by Chase Ryan Jeffery, and Brandon (his Ultra Creepiness) played by Gregory Connors.

Amber Benson as Amelie in Morganville Vampires

And finally, Hannah Moses (whom I honestly don't remember from the books at all, can someone clue me in?) played by Nikki Donley.

Set Photos!

Filming  & Release

Filming began in Texas on April 7th and finished on April 19th! The footage is now being edited into 10 - 15 minute episodes. When watched in a row the episodes should be about the length of your typical feature length film. Many thanks to the official Morganville: The Series Facebook page for keeping us all in the loop!

According to The Hollywood Reporter we can expect to see the web series premiere this summer(2014) on Geek & Sundry!

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