Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First FIVE Chapters of SKIN GAME! (TEXT & Audio/Video)

First Four Chapters of Skin Game! (Audio Video)
Jim Butcher has posted the first five chapters of Skin Game! (Scroll below videos to read) One more week till Skin Game's May 27th release!

If you don't feel like reading, Jim ALSO did a reading of the first FOUR chapters and thanks to an awesome fan we can now watch/hear it for ourselves!

It's divided into two videos and I think we are probably missing a few words/sentences in the middle.

For those of you who don't want to listen to the 40ish minute reading (which is awesome BTW) or read the chapters below, but desperately want a MUCH quicker way to know what these chapters hold, I've put together a Summary based on the reading that is considerably shorter.

Can't wait to read this book in full!

And the final bit!

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  1. Yeah, sorry about that missed bit. I was recording with my phone and it went haywire.

    1. I'm just impressed that you were able to capture so much of it. Thank you so much for posting it! If you ever record another reading please let me know. :)

    2. I decided I was going to wait a bit before buying my copy but I came across this and I started to make my way to a bookstore by chapter 3.


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